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No Vacation for US!

Bright and early Friday morning, our House of Representatives, led by the ever so hard working Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Cali, packed up and went on a five week vacation. In her rush to head to sunny California and her mansion in the hills she left about 50 Republican Representatives still trying to work for the American people. Against the objections of Conservatives and the American people tired of paying high gas prices, Mrs Pelosi turned out the lights and shut off the microphones to the House floor in an attempt to silence the Republicans that wanted to get a solution for Americans. She even turned off the TV cameras in an attempt to silence the dissenters on the House floor. Republicans continued in their attempt to force Pelosi and her gang back to work all of Friday, actually bringing in tourist and people walking by on the street to fill seats in the House and listen to their message. Pelosis’ efforts to silence this group was defeated by Representatives using Twitter and Qik from John Culberson to get their message out. It took several hours for the main stream media to pick it up but finally they got wind of the games played by the Speaker.

I hope Pelosi enjoys her break, see as she has been working so hard breaking her promises to the American people. Her promises of civility and bi-partisanship were obvious lies, she has no intention of doing what the American people want but to do what special interest want her to do. I for one have had to cancel my plans for a vacation due to the cost of gas and fuel, why can’t the Dems spend their time at the job the were elected to and work with the Republicans to find a real solution to our energy problems.

Get your ass back to work Nancy, America is tired of your partisan games!

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