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Obamacare Helps Out with Sleep Disorders

In an effort to reduce the cost to all Americans, President Obama took it upon himself to help out in the area of sleep disorders. Problem sleeping then just attend an Obama town-hall meeting and ask a simple question about taxes. Dr. Obama gave out a massive dose of boredom to a crowd in Charlotte Friday, taking 17 minutes and 2500 words to explain to an audience member why she was wrong about being overtaxed. Dr. Obama’s treatment was apparently quite effective in putting most of the audience into a near coma, thus reducing the cost of sleep aids and the need for surgical anesthetics. It also made people wonder how they would ever get back the lost 17 minutes of their lives that was wasted on Presidential rhetoric.

This is whats wrong with government these days, no-one, especially the President can give a simple straight-forward question. What is it I’ve been told, if you can’t answer a question in a few words and a few seconds then you are either lying or just don’t know what you are talking about. Which is it Mr President? Washington has become over-run by long-winded do-nothings. People who’s only skill is to run their mouths. This problem is rampant on both sides, neither can claim to know what they are doing or seem to really care about anything except the next election.

Politicians need to shut-up and listen to the American people, not just the ones paying for their next election campaign. The best leaders are the ones willing to shut the heck up and listen. You can never find out what the people truly need and want until you shut-up and listen. Governing is not the art of talking the loudest and longest but listening and actually hearing. I see this in the President all of the time, simple questions are answered with lectures if they are answered at all. Politicians need to understand that they are our employees and the bosses require a direct honest answer or these employees will find themselves replaced by people that are willing to do as they are told.

That’s my rant for Easter Morning. Hope everyone is having a nice day and if you are on the roads be safe and give yourself a little extra time and be safe.

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Spill Some Tea

The Tea Party Express rolled into the Nations Capital today in an attempt to wake-up the Nations Lawmakers. Will it work? Will the Politicians pull their heads out of the sand and listen to the majority of Americans or will they continue to bow-down to the special interest running the Democratic Party.

Today’s protest brought the voice of Americans concerned about the path this Nation is being lead down by President Obama and his ilk. A path that leads us to bigger, more oppressive government, the end of States Rights, higher taxes and fewer freedoms. Its time that some tea is spilled and we call a stop to this headlong rush to socialism. Just as our fore-fathers stood up against un-fair and oppressive taxes imposed by the British King, we must now spill some tea to save our freedom.
These people who have taken to the streets of D.C. are obviously not a “Fringe” or a “Gang” like the left wants to label them, these are Americans, worried about the future of the Country. Only the most foolish of Politicians should make the mistake of ignoring the true voice of America. These people not only protest, “WE VOTE!!!”
Americans have had enough! We are over-taxed, over-regulated and fed-up with lies from Obama and the Libs. The citizens are finally rising up to take back our Nation from those that would tear it down and re-make it for themselves. It makes me proud to be an American!!!

DC Traffic Cam Capture of Protest
DC Traffic Cam Capture of Protest

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Why is the Economy in a Tailspin?

Whats going on here? How do we go from a thriving, growing economy to total disaster in just a few months??? Its simple, its nothing but the self-fulfilling prophecy. The politicians and the mainstream media has done nothing but tell all of us how bad things are how can they not become bad.
The dems led by the new President spent the last year bashing everything good in this country until the American people have lost confidence in everything. They have taken a small manageable problem with the banking industry and turned it into a disaster of epic proportions. Now the Obama administration has gotten people so scared that they are willing to pay more tax and embrace socialism. I can not beleive it when I hear supposed educated people saying that socialism is “not so bad”, it just shows how badly twisted their thinking has become.
Now Obama is feeding fuel to the fire by constantly telling us how bad things are. Everytime he opens his mouth the Stock Market takes a dump. Obama is using fear to drive through his Government bloating, power grabbing socialist agenda. He is scaring Americans into letting him lead them off the cliff of socialism that he and his cronies want.

We need to make our views known, these tea parties are a good start.

America needs to come to its senses, put the blame where it belongs and go back to making a better future for themselves and their children. Stop with fear mongering and take control of your own destiny. Lets retire the politicians that fan the flames of fear and use it to grab power, that includes Mr. Obama as well. His actions are more criminal than anything the Dems ever accused Bush of.
Until next time be safe.

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No Vacation for US!

Bright and early Friday morning, our House of Representatives, led by the ever so hard working Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Cali, packed up and went on a five week vacation. In her rush to head to sunny California and her mansion in the hills she left about 50 Republican Representatives still trying to work for the American people. Against the objections of Conservatives and the American people tired of paying high gas prices, Mrs Pelosi turned out the lights and shut off the microphones to the House floor in an attempt to silence the Republicans that wanted to get a solution for Americans. She even turned off the TV cameras in an attempt to silence the dissenters on the House floor. Republicans continued in their attempt to force Pelosi and her gang back to work all of Friday, actually bringing in tourist and people walking by on the street to fill seats in the House and listen to their message. Pelosis’ efforts to silence this group was defeated by Representatives using Twitter and Qik from John Culberson to get their message out. It took several hours for the main stream media to pick it up but finally they got wind of the games played by the Speaker.

I hope Pelosi enjoys her break, see as she has been working so hard breaking her promises to the American people. Her promises of civility and bi-partisanship were obvious lies, she has no intention of doing what the American people want but to do what special interest want her to do. I for one have had to cancel my plans for a vacation due to the cost of gas and fuel, why can’t the Dems spend their time at the job the were elected to and work with the Republicans to find a real solution to our energy problems.

Get your ass back to work Nancy, America is tired of your partisan games!

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3 A.M.

Here’s the scene 3 years from now in the White House if the dems get their way….

Its 3 a.m. and the phone rings… It’s the Secretary of Defense, the (fill in any radical nation) have just launched nuclear missiles at the US and Israel, the warheads will explode in 15 minutes over many major US cities…

Secretary of Defense: “Mr President we need a decision and launch codes for a retaliatory strike before our missile sites are all destroyed, we need it now!!!

On on the other end of the line we have President Obama….

Be afraid, be very afraid….

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