Spill Some Tea

The Tea Party Express rolled into the Nations Capital today in an attempt to wake-up the Nations Lawmakers. Will it work? Will the Politicians pull their heads out of the sand and listen to the majority of Americans or will they continue to bow-down to the special interest running the Democratic Party.

Today’s protest brought the voice of Americans concerned about the path this Nation is being lead down by President Obama and his ilk. A path that leads us to bigger, more oppressive government, the end of States Rights, higher taxes and fewer freedoms. Its time that some tea is spilled and we call a stop to this headlong rush to socialism. Just as our fore-fathers stood up against un-fair and oppressive taxes imposed by the British King, we must now spill some tea to save our freedom.
These people who have taken to the streets of D.C. are obviously not a “Fringe” or a “Gang” like the left wants to label them, these are Americans, worried about the future of the Country. Only the most foolish of Politicians should make the mistake of ignoring the true voice of America. These people not only protest, “WE VOTE!!!”
Americans have had enough! We are over-taxed, over-regulated and fed-up with lies from Obama and the Libs. The citizens are finally rising up to take back our Nation from those that would tear it down and re-make it for themselves. It makes me proud to be an American!!!

DC Traffic Cam Capture of Protest
DC Traffic Cam Capture of Protest

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