Saturday Afternoon

Nothing like stopping early and sitting back to watch a little college football on a Saturday a Saturday afternoon. Now if I can get this internet connection to settle enough to stream the Mizzou game.
Beautiful day up here in Montana, don’t have to be in Edmonton area until Tuesday so taking it easy today. Good time to get some updates done on the blog site and actually make a post or two. Hope anyone still watching this site is doing well. Busy summer for me so not a lot of time to fool with keeping up website.IMAG1220

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Time Off

Nothing is nicer to a truck-driver than a few days off at home. I’m at home for a few days and finally getting a break with the weather so I can really enjoy it. Off to see Journey in concert tonight and spend a couple of days at the lake.

Most people have no clue what it is like being on the road away from home 90 percent of the time. After a few weeks living in a truck, the sleeper seems to shrink and takes on that “lived-in” smell of too many days and too many miles. That seems to be one of the hardest aspects of the business for new drivers to get used to. Most can’t cut it and end-up wasting that tuition to truck-driving school and find themselves deep in debt without a job. That is more and more of a problem with the so-called “driver shortage” and the big promises being made by the big trucking companies to recruit drivers. If your looking at getting into the business, then you really need to take a close look yourself, can you handle being out there by yourself away from friends and family? You are constantly on the run trying to get somewhere or get something loaded or unloaded. Very little time for play or real relaxation. You find that you have to take time from the job just to get some exercise and try to stay healthy. Believe me when I say that trucking is not for everybody. I have seem so many drivers just burn-out, go nuts, divorce, or just loose everything because they can’t handle life on the road.

On a brighter note, the running is coming along well, I actually ran 7 miles yesterday, sore as hell today but I felt like this was a great accomplishment for me. Still have a ways to go before that half marathon in November but yesterdays run added to my confidence. The mile are really knocking the pounds off too, down almost 10 lbs in the last couple of months. Just got to keep after it. Signed-up for a 10K next month, looking forward to that. it still amazes me that I could barely run 100 yards not that long ago, or even walk a mile.

All for now, everyone stay safe and watch out for each other and get out of that truck and go for a walk.

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Keep on Running

This is what I’ve been doing lately, I took-up running. Started out as just walking as most of you know and progressed into a slow jog for a few yards and now has grown into a bit of an obsession.  I ran my first 5K last Thanksgiving and just recently ran my second last month.  So far I am officially signed-up to run a 10K next month and a Half marathon on the 3rd of November, thats 13.1 miles.


So far I have lost over a hundred pounds since I got off my ass and started doing something about my health.  Its been a long slow climb back from the brink.  My life has become so much better and enjoyable since I got rid of the weight, I am able to get out and enjoy life like no other time in my life.  I’m able to go for hikes, go swimming and all the other things that skinny people take for granted.  Its kind of cool not being the fattest truck driver in the room.

People ask how do I do it, you just start somewhere.  Going for a walk, no matter how, far is a great first step.  From there you can go anywhere but you have to take that first step towards a better life.  It has taken e four years of slow steady progress and I still have a ways to go but it all started with that first step.

Be safe and do something healthy for yourself today.

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I’m still here.  The blog has taken a second or third seat to life in general.  I thought I would post to let my followers know what’s up in my world.

The job is working out well, making good money and actually seeing the house fairly often, it has really made a difference with family life and overall happiness. 

I am no longer the fattest person in the room’s thankfully. My followers are aware that I had some serious health problems a few years ago and it convinced me to take charge of my life and get into shape.  So far I am down about a hundred pounds.  It has made such a difference in my life.  I am able to do things and enjoy life like a young kid, as a matter of fact I am in better shape now than when I we as in high school. Got to stay motivated and this is the hardest thing but I never want to get to the point of ending up in the hospital with a tube shoved down my throat because I was just too lazy to take care of myself.

I am going to keep this post short but look forward to more in the near future, I want to get back to writing on a regular basis, I really enjoy it and now that the

life has settled down I can put more effort into my blog.

Writing this on my new tablet and still getting used to the on-screen keyboard so if you find some errors blame it on my android.  I promise it will get better. Ha

All for now, everyone stay safe and watch out for the other guy because no doubt he is looking at his phone instead of watching for you.

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